Saturday, 22 September 2012

loving mother, sporting sister, brother tiger, darling ♥, dear friends

   things are getting harder nowadays. everything are pulling me to the opposite direction of gravity. i want to drag things to me instead of being dragged. but that's how law of life at this time. there are times where u at the top and bottom. but no matter what it is, i'm having faith in me. thanks to all the people i have mention. my mother giving me more love than anyone else i can feel. LOVE YOU MOMMY dee:* a sister, in faraway kingdom, letting her wings spread wide, waiting for the right time to free me, always there for me, always know how to comfort me, my crying pal, Jasmine. and my brother for being my punching bag, with me 24/7, know me 95%, making me stronger with his tiger strength, BobSie.
   ahh, my darling love, for giving me extra love, who try hard to gain my trust, who i prank always, making me laugh, making me cry, whom i hurt always, whom willing to forgive me now and then, oversensitive love, who always try to make me feel better. last but not least, my personal Dr, Raazak. my dearest friends:
- akmal, my favourite person, i used to think of him as my big brother, who annoyed me, who have a serious mood swing problem, or so i thought, who is lovable, and SERIOULY serious and people said, "suffer in silence type of guy". people said,
- kimilisa, this girl, not attracted to guy, my besties, always remind me that there's 2 types of guy (i) who loves u for real, (ii) who only using u for their own benefits. love her now and then.
- lor clarice, knows a lot about me being fakely innocent. if only people knows. hehe, she's the best. lend me her shoulder to cry. love u gal.
- glory, this clown girl who have a lot of passion to his dear true love whom to me is not that usefull. NO OFFENSE. she always need my hugs, give me a piece of mind after her telling of experience with her dear true love.
- ahraa, this cute sensitive girl, a genius, help me to the end of world, passion with her friends, love choco bun. seriously supportive.
- finn, (...)'s prince. class personal radio. have nice voice, futuristic mind, nice talking, annoying.
- erica, naughty girl, finn's cousin, L.O.L pal of mine.
- eddo, look like English lady, who have serious prob of controlling her laughter, my hugging pal. teddybear.
i am very sorry if my descriptions offended u guys. but i love u guys the way u are, don't B a stranger. cheerio~

                                                                                                        sincerely yours:

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