Friday, 23 March 2012


guess who?

i seriously don't know what to do now. there is going to B a fight if this guy, don't leave me alone. i mean, he knows that i have some one else. so why is he coming back, pleading me to B his? this doesn't make sense. i'm afraid that i'll turn out to B real STUPID. i often choose the wrong person to love. but now, i kndda sure that i've chosen right. this terrible guy, i'm afraid that i LEAVE the very person i love for this guy. everything went just well, oopss, wrong word, everything went very well 'till he came. HELP ME!! huhu. i don't wanna B fooled. most important of all, i don't cheat. I LOVE MY JACK SO MUCH already that (. . .). what shud i do? dammit. i have to tell a person at least. my beloved calorline, sure as hell know.